Founded by architect and interior designer, Erika McQuinn, nuk strives to integrate beauty with functionality to create the most intimate and inviting spaces.


After five years in commercial architecture and interior design working on projects such as the Simon Skojt International Orangutan Center at the Indianapolis Zoo and Penn Street Tower Apartments, Erika left corporate practice to pursue her passion; working one on one with clients designing their most intimate spaces. 

Erika holds a Master of Architecture from Ball State University where she also received her Bachelor of Arts in Architecture and a minor in interior design. She was drawn to architecture for the design, but has come to love building relationships with clients and striving to solve their design challenges. She is most passionate about breathing new life into the urban neighborhoods of Indianapolis, but enjoys working in all corners of the state. 

From an historic Victorian in Meridian Kessler to a Midcentury Modern lakehouse, Erika enjoys a variety of styles and design challenges. Her project experience ranges from small, one room renovations to full home remodels.

Erika lives in Indianapolis with her husband, Jeff, three year-old son Maslow, and dog Penelope. They enjoy travelling, hiking, bike riding and making—check out “the design nuk” blog for some of her personal projects!